Picking the Right Vehicle Lift for the Elderly

If you have an elderly parent that cannot get in and out of their vehicle, you may want to consider vehicle lifts for the elderly. There are two types of lifts that are available. These include drive-on and surface lifts. The drive-on type is very fast and easy to use. However, it takes up a lot of space and does not allow access to the underside of the vehicle.

Frame-engaging vehicle lifts are a dime a dozen, and a recent survey suggests that some ten million Americans could benefit from having a lift installed in their garage. Depending on your budget and your home’s floor plan, a low-rise model may be best suited for you. The standard load capacity of a low-rise vehicle lift is a mere three tons, making it well-suited to your home garage. A higher-end model can go up to fourteen feet, making it an excellent choice for larger family vehicles and light trucks that may be towed into your garage.

One of the most important reasons to own a vehicle lift is that it makes vehicle maintenance easier. You’ll be able to do wheel and brake work from the safety of a mini-high platform, without having to get in and out of your car. Another plus is that the wheels don’t need to be removed for a service run, meaning that a mechanic will have more time to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Purchasing a lift can be a difficult task. There are a lot of different options available. It’s important to do your research to find the right one.

One type of lift that’s popular with shops is asymmetrical. These lifts are suited for both balanced and unbalanced vehicles. They can also be equipped with an auto-lock function that will prevent the vehicle from slipping. A professional vehicle lift provider in St. Petersburg can help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

Asymmetrical lifts are great for balancing naturally unbalanced vehicles. This design also reduces wear and tear on the lift columns. Moreover, they allow for easier access to the vehicle doors.

Variable symmetry lifts are another option. These lifts feature short arms at the front and long arms at the rear. The goal of these lifts is to get the center of gravity of the vehicle centered. Because of this, these lifts require a larger service bay than symmetrical designs.

If you have a handicapped family member, you may want to consider installing drive-on vehicle lifts in their cars. These lifts provide easy and safe transportation for wheelchair users.

There are a variety of styles available. They include fold-down, overhead, and two-post models. Some are portable, while others can be installed in a shop or garage. You can also find specialty models, such as parallelogram lifts.

Four-post parking lifts are the most common type. They are commercial quality, and they are often used in auto service bays. Many car buffs purchase these lifts. Despite their popularity, four-post lifts do have a higher price tag than other types of drive-on lifts.

It is no secret that elderly passengers make up a large proportion of our vehicular fleet. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that car manufacturers and dealerships are in lockstep to provide their patrons with the best and brightest products and services in the business. The latest and greatest of which is the newest and most efficient vehicle lifts on the market. Whether you’re shopping for a single or multiple-vehicle lift, a little planning goes a long way. This is why you need to pick the right manufacturer to ensure you get the lift of your dreams. Fortunately, the gurus at St. Petersburg Vehicle Lifts can help you choose from the best of the breed.