Idea for a Resort Landscape Lighting Design

Depending on your hotel’s guest amenities, you can customize a landscape lighting design that will serve many purposes. The goal of landscape lighting design for a resort is to provide enough light for guestrooms and general areas, as well as for ambiance purposes. Some resorts incorporate path lights and other types of lighting, such as motion-activated floodlights, to enhance the ambiance of your guests. The fixtures should also complement your overall design.

Once you’ve identified the primary goals of your landscape lighting design, it’s time to focus on secondary objects. For example, you might want to accent a waterway or outdoor sculpture. If you want to create a more uniform theme throughout the resort, you can incorporate an architectural commercial lighting system. This will give your guests the impression that the building rises from the landscape, contributing to the overall theme of “getaway” or Edenic atmosphere.

Soft wash lighting can also be used to draw the eye from one place to another. For example, you could use soft washes of light to highlight a particular spot in the landscape. Alternatively, you could choose to light the entire area with soft lights. While you might assume that resort-style properties need tons of light, consider using subtle touches of light instead of blinding the eyes with bright lights. This can create a stunning effect and enhance the overall ambiance of your resort.

Depending on your resort’s needs, accent lighting can enhance the architectural details of the property and add drama to the outdoor space. Generally, accent lighting uses spotlights. In tall structures, it uses up lighting to create drama. Alternatively, you can use path lights, small posts that have built-in lighting. These lights are ideal for lining pathways or ponds. Aside from creating dramatic lighting effects, path lights also provide convenience and ease of use.

In addition to aesthetics, exterior lighting can also enhance safety and security. Guests will often notice the illumination on a property during the day. A well-designed landscape lighting design will impress and dazzle guests. With an aesthetically pleasing and practical design, the exterior of your resort will attract more guests and improve your brand image. It is also a great opportunity to attract new business, so don’t miss this opportunity. You’ll be glad you did!

When choosing outdoor lighting, keep in mind the size of the space. Make sure that the lights are appropriate for your location, budget, and style. Choosing the wrong outdoor lighting setup will only make things harder to adjust and will light up everything and nothing at all. Your visitors will find the lighting unappealing at night. Remember that lighting should serve its purpose, and not create a cluttered scene. Incorporating the proper lighting design will maximize safety and add to the overall appeal of your resort. If you’re unsure about how to design your lighting, consider consulting a local Sarasota lighting design service provider near you.